Startup 101 – Composing your Board of Directors

As a founder, one of the critical yet often overlooked tasks is forming your board of directors. Picking the right composition of your board is the difference between having a functional company that is productive and competitive, and those that are deadlocked and hampered by greedy, self-interested individuals that make the process of decision-making near-impossible. […]

Capture the Attention of Venture Capitalists with the 10|20|30 Rule

A man I respect a lot, @guykawasaki, who has worked with Apple, Google and has been behind a lot of great venture projects under Garage Technology Ventures, evangelizes a great approach towards capturing the interested investor or investors, without over-burdening them with unnecessary crap. It’s called the 10|20|30 rule. Simply put, it means: 10 Slides in your presentation […]

Startup Lingo: What are Convertible Notes?

Continuing on from my first article on what is Common Stock, we now move on to understanding what are Convertible Notes, in our quest towards understanding the lingo you will need when dealing with Venture Capitalists. What is a convertible note? As a founder in the early stages of your startup looking to get some cash to […]