The Book

Continuous Delivery for Mobile with Fastlane

Learn continuous deployment and automation with code-signing, continuous testing, building, deploying, and releasing of your app.

Competitive mobile apps depend strongly on the development team’s ability to deliver successful releases, consistently and often. Although continuous integration took a more mainstream priority among the development industry, companies are starting to realize the importance of continuity beyond integration and testing. 

This book starts off with a brief introduction to fastlane—a robust command-line tool that enables iOS and Android developers to automate their releasing workflow. 

The book then explores and guides you through all of its features and utilities; it provides the reader a comprehensive understanding of the tool and how to implement them. Themes include setting up and managing your certificates and provisioning and push notification profiles; automating the creation of apps and managing the app metadata on iTunes Connect and the Apple Developer Portal; and building, distributing and publishing your apps to the App Store. 

You will also learn how to automate the generation of localized screenshots and mesh your continuous delivery workflow into a continuous integration workflow for a more robust setup. By the end of the book, you will gain substantial knowledge on delivering bug free, developer-independent, and stable application release cycle.

What You Will Learn

  • Harness the fastlane tools for the Continuous Deployment strategy 
  • Integrate Continuous Deployment with existing Continuous Integration.
  • Automate upload of screenshots across all device screen-sizes
  • Manage push notifications, provisioning profiles, and code-signing certificates
  • Orchestrate automated build and deployments of new versions of your app 
  • Regulate your TestFlight users and on-board new testers

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to fastlane and Continuous Deployment
  2. Setting up fastlane and Our Sample Project
  3. Manage Provisioning Profiles with sigh
  4. Manage Code Signing Certificates with cert
  5. Sync Profiles and Certificates with match
  6. Manage Push Notification Profiles with pem
  7. Creating Our iOS and Android Apps with produce and supply
  8. Build and Package Apps for the App Store with gym
  9. Distribute to Testers with TestFlight and Crashlytics
  10. Review your App metadata with Precheck
  11. Taking Localized Screenshots with snapshot
  12. Put Our Screenshots Inside Frames with Frameit
  13. Upload Screenshots and Metadata with deliver
  14. Automate Unit Tests with scan
  15. Integrating Git into the Fastlane Workflow
  16. Creating and Using fastlane Action Plugins
  17. Integrating Slack into the fastlane Workflow
  18. Continuous Delivery Best Practices

Best introduction out there to shipping an iOS app

Alex Curylo