Review of Lean Customer Development

In following suit with the other Lean books in the series, Lean Customer Developmentby Cindy Alvarez  gives companies a tangible and pragmatic approach to develop and validate product ideas through iterative and targeted customer development research. The premise of this book lies in providing a fast and flexible research methodology to understanding one’s customers, their behaviours, and most […]

Review of Powerful Phrases for Successful Interviews | by @TonyBeshara

This book is more about marketing yourself, to land that gig you want. All the other books I’ve reviewed dealt with building your technical proficiency, but is that last step, articulating yourself in the right way to land the job, highlighting all those skills you have learned. Powerful Phrases for Successful Interviews by @TonyBeshara provides you with the mental […]

Review of Mobile Design Pattern Gallery | 2nd Edition

I’ve had the privilege of reviewing the first edition of Mobile Design Pattern Gallery (Early Release*) by Theresa Neil (@mobilepatterns | @oreillymedia) which was released way back in 2011, and with a lot happening in terms of UX design trends in three years, this book is long overdue. Having said that, the author has identified that of […]

Finding your one Metric that Matters (OMTM)

A while back I reviewed a lovely book , Lean Analytics, which was posted by Alistair, called Finding your One Metric That Matters. In paraphrasing the post, the author emphasises whilst t’s not wise to neglect all other analytical measures and pigeon-hole yourself on one, giving one metric a focus over another one allows you […]

Review of Managing Startups: Best Blog Posts

You are looking into creating a startup, and seeking some advise from others? This book provides a collection of blog posts from others, with Tom Eisenmann compiling an annual collection of the best blog posts covering startup management, which in this edition counts up to 72 posts. The posts are more so about successful entrepreneurs who […]