How to get started with Twitter’s Fabric

My latest article on ProgrammableWeb, covering Twitter’s new suite of mobile tools:

Twitter used its first Flight Developer’s Conference in San Francisco in October to announce a new suite of utilities designed to deliver richer integration between Twitter and mobile apps, dubbed Fabric. Fabric is an aggregation of Twitter SDK updates and utilities from the recently acquired lightweight Crashlytics crash-reporting framework and various distribution and analytics tools. We will go through each of the Fabric tools and show you how to get started with Fabric.


What Is Crashlytics?

The first part of the suite comes from Crashlytics, which Twitter acquired in early 2013 as part of its strategy push to build the mobile Twitter development community. Crashlytics is better known for its core product, the self-named Crashlytics a lightweight crash-reporting framework, which is easy to install and use out of the box.

Why Use Crashlytics?

Rather than having to spend time integrating another third-party crash-monitoring tool, Crashlytics is dead simple to install and use and made even more beneficial when it’s included as part of the Fabric suite, allowing you to install all the tools in the single downloadable MAC installation.

You get the added benefit of real-time reporting, being alerted to new issues as they happen, with the ability to calibrate the amount of reporting noise returned. What you are finally presented with is an elegant, informative dashboard, showing device usage along with the associated crashes.

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