Putting the Internet to work for you with IFTTT


What is IFTTT you ask? Short for if this then that, this is an online service (and mobile if you have android) that allows you to do things/actions based on triggers. That is you can Put the Internet to work for you with IFTTT.   OK, so another way of putting it:

  • You can find an existing recipe from the channels list (Facebook, Evernote, LinkedIN, and many more);
  • You then set a trigger,  such as When I’m tagged on Facebook, or I check in on Facebook;
  • You set the action, such as send me a text message or send me an email, or create Facebook status;
  • You can set specific ingredients which can be ingredients of an email (subject, body attachment).

It still sounds a bit high-leven and confusing, but the best way is for you to register on the site (free) and play around with it. Browse existing recipes its literally just clicking two buttons. Then as you get more familiar with the system you can even create your own recipes. And trust me, once you get the hang of it, you will be amazed and how automated your life can become.


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